How often do you go to a beach and find despite a lot of rubbish bins being there, people don’t use them because they think:


  1. It seems a long way to walk to the nearest rubbish bin.
  2. It’s the local council’s duty to clean up.
  3. The sea has a black hole and the rubbish will just disappear into it.
  4. It’s not my problem; it does not affect me personally.



Well, the truth is:
  1. There is over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the sea and counting.
  2.  It’s getting into the food chain! Research from Plymouth University shows 1/3 of all fish caught off UK shores have plastics in them.
  3.  Seafood eaters ingest up to 11,000 tiny pieces of plastic every year with dozens of particles becoming embedded in human tissues. (University of Ghent research).
  4.  1 million plastic bottles are bought all over the world – Every minute.

At GreenSeas Trust we believe burying your head in the sand is no longer an option. Incidentally, tiny particles of microplastics now make up part of the beach. We know, awareness is key to stop plastics getting into the sea. By having a constant reminder sticking out like a sore thumb and staring you in the face.

What’s our solution?

Our thought-provoking BinForGreenSeas pricks people’s conscience to; “Do the right thing” with their rubbish.

The bins are being sited on UK’s coastal towns in collaboration with local councils. Bringing awareness to the thousands of visitors who visit these seasides.

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