Litter Kills Marine Life

Tobago, 2003

GreenSeas Trust used a three pronged approach to stop marine litter entering the seas.

Bins on the Beach

Litter Awareness

Community interaction

Litter Awareness

The campaign saw volunteers from the Trust highlighted the harm to marine life and our health, from marine debris.

Educational Material

For Children

Colouring book to help children learn about marine conservation at an early age.

Bins on the Beach

GreenSeas Trust placed garbage bins along six of the island’s most popular beaches.

Negotiating with the government, the Trust received a pledge by the Department of Public Health to empty the bins on a regular and scheduled basis. Something that was previously not in place.

Reduction of Marine Litter

Within 3 weeks, GreenSeas Trust saw a marked decrease in rubbish being left on the beach or thrown into the sea.

Community Interaction

Tobago's economy depends upon tourism and fishing. The consequences for how marine litter effects livelihoods was important to get across. After all, no one wants to spread a towel on a litter strewn beach.

Spreading the Message

Interacting at community events was an important part of getting the message of keeping seas plastic free.