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What’s Your GreenSeas Pledge?

At least 14 million tons of plastic ends up in the oceans every year….That is the equivalent of 70.000 blue whales or…. about 2.000.000 elephants!

Can you imagine swimming alongside that amount of rubbish!

Make a pledge!

Maybe you pledge not to leave any plastic behind when you leave the beach…or you pledge to participate in a beach clean up every year….Whatever the pledge….we want to hear from you!

Send us a picture with your pledge (and tag us to on social media)

Let’s hold each other accountable!

Your Pledges….


I’ll reduce how many single-use plastics I use, especially food packaging!


To respect the Ocean


Never buy a plastic bag again!


To never use a plastic straw. It's metal or nothing!


To ditch plastic bottles!


I will always pick-up litter near me on the beach


To embrace re-usables, and protect our seas from litter whenever I can!


I'll do my bit to keep our seas free of plastics


To carry my keep cup and cutlery set and only get coffee on the go if I have it - no more disposable cups!'


I will pick up cigarette butts when walking on the beach
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