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Buy a BinForGreenSeas to combats beach/riverside litter

Its easy to fund, buy, sponsor or adopt a BinForGreenSeas.

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Sponsor a BinForGreenSeas

Employees want to be part of a company that supports the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Revenue. They want to play a part in giving something back.

We can help

There are several councils on board who want a BinForGreenSeas but have limited financial resources. Help to match-fund a bin or sponsor one - in full. Let stopping marine plastics be your ESG objective.

We can provide a bespoke corporate package.

Are you a council struggling with beach litter?

In the UK, coastal councils and local authorities spend precious revenue on litter picking garbage from beaches and promenades, when this revenue could be utilised on essential services elsewhere.

Each year, around £1bn of taxpayers' money is spent on cleaning up litter.

The BinForGreenSeas is a solution based approach that saves councils money and preserves the aesthetics of beaches and their surrounds.


We pursue grants on behalf of councils. This enables us to secure some/all the funding needed to provide a BinForGreenSeas.

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Photo: Lucy Hine