Awareness through education

Eco System Education For Youth

If we want to preserve the planet, oceans and natural world for the next generation, what better way could there be, than by engaging young people in sustainability?

By involving them, we are creating environmental ambassadors of the future. GreenSeas Trust often gives talks and workshops at schools. At the heart of our ethos is behavioural change, by inspiring awareness at an early age, strong environmental foundations are forged.

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Cruise Ship Crews

GreenSeas Trust created a series of posters for cruise ship crews to respect the pristine environments their ship’s sail into.

Seafarers, like many on land, don’t necessarily understand the problem of marine plastics or, how livelihoods, fish stocks, coral propyls and ocean health are intertwined. Often, not realising the connection between own actions and the consequence this has on the oceans. Leaving a cigarette butt or a single piece of litter on a beach kissing the Atlantic Ocean has consequences on the other side of the world.

Since most crew members tend to come from coastal regions themselves and have diets that include fish, the trust focused their attention to the effects of the lifecycle of plastics and other rubbish on marine animals and the toxins they release as they breakdown. This led to a successful outcome with beaches and beauty spots being left intact and unspoiled by garbage.

Educational Collaborations

GreenSeas Trust promoted the issues of marine garbage and its effect on the ecosystem accompanied by nautically themed music, which ranged from Handel’s Water Music to the Jamaican Rumba.

The collaboration was between Bromley based charity, Everyone Matters which takes music making to people of all ages who cannot readily access it themselves and GreenSeas Trust. Parents, pupils and friends watched the slides synchronised with the music of the live orchestra which was made up of students and professionals to enhance the experience.