Marine conservation

The aim of GreenSeas Trust is to educate, promote and implement environmental programmes to eliminate plastics entering the seas and coastal areas. Our goal is to ensure marine life and fish stocks are sustainable for future generations.

Our Inspiration

GreenSeas Trust was established in memory of Haida Khan, who loved the sea with the passion of a seafarer and beheld its magic through the eyes of a poet. Born in Trinidad, Haida travelled extensively, often by ships, in her capacity as an editor, journalist and teacher and later, to broaden her perceptions of Sufi philosophy through the poetry she wrote.

From her poem The Moon and the Dervish

And as this lonely Dervish bids you adieu!

To roam through the clouds as you always do;

We will sit and wait in the Caravan of Time

For the virtuous giver of love’s flaming wine.

From her poem The Gift of Colours

This lovely world we live upon,

Has many more colours than the rainbow shone

Where would we be if there was none?

And the world spun white round and round.

Haida Khan’s vision and comprehension of the beauty in nature that reveals itself to the observant eye will remain the guiding inspiration of this trust

Our Vision

By 2024, we want the BinForGreenSeas placed along 18 more UK promenades.

School visits and engaging with young people will continue to be on our agenda, as they are the next custodians of our oceans.

Spread the word! The more people who find out about our projects, the more support the project will get. So post a link to the BinForGreenSeas project on your Facebook page or include it in your email signature. Print our projects page and pin it to a noticeboard. Let's all be part of the ripple effect to save our oceans.