Latest News: Swale Council to Place 3 x #BinforGreenSeas on Beaches!

We are delighted to announce the momentous news that Swale Council is coming on board with our #BinforGreenSeas project! Not one, not two, but three bins will soon be appearing along the Swale seafront, prompting visitors to dispose of their litter responsibly with our prominent and poignant message: throw marine life a lifeline.

The bins will be placed at Minster Beach, Leysdown Beach and Sheerness Beach, where seaside visitors won’t be able to miss them. These are popular areas with tourists and locals alike, so we are delighted that Swale Council is being so proactive in taking a stand against marine littering. Our bins will help to promote positive action amongst visitors, helping to protect these glorious award-winning stretches of coastline.

“We are absolutely thrilled that Swale Council is taking three bins” said Fazilette Khan, Founder of GreenSeas Trust. “The bins are proving themselves in the fight to stop plastics entering the sea by changing the behaviour of beach goers. We know they will do same at the three new locations where they will be permanently sited.”

We can’t wait to work with Swale Council, who join the ever-growing number of organisations fighting marine plastics with us. Will you come on board too? Make a donation and help us continue putting bins on beaches. Every penny goes towards our project. A couple of pounds could be all it takes to make someone stop and think – let’s save our oceans together, one drop at a time.