September 1, 2023

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre gets the 17th BinForGreenSeas.

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Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is the latest location to become a beacon of hope for marine conservation.

GreenSeas Trust has placed the 17th BinForGreenSeas – its third in London – by the River Thames in Southwark.

Plays performed at the Globe Theatre cultivate intellectual curiosity and excite learning. The graphics adorning the BinForGreenSeas also serve an educational purpose, inspiring people to make the connection between litter in waterways and its harmful effects on aquatic environments and human health.

The BinForGreenSeas is funded with a grant from City Bridge Trust – the City of London Corporation’s charity funder – and sited in partnership with Southwark Council.

GreenSeas Trust is confident that it will repeat the success of its Canary Wharf bin which was sited in 2021. On average, this bin alone collects 57,600 to 60,000 PET bottles annually. Ensuring, this plastic waste is recycled and does not end up as pollution.

Fazilette Khan, Founder and Trustee of GreenSeas Trust, said: “The River Thames has some of the highest recorded levels of microplastics of any river in the world. The unmissable design of the BinForGreenSeas effectively utilises the ‘nudge effect.’ A visual, friendly tap on the shoulder to pique curiosity and get people to stop and think. It is the most cost-effective way to reach a wide audience 24/7 and nudge them into ditching single-use plastics for more sustainable alternatives which are good for the planet and our own health.”

Paul Martinelli, Deputy Chairman of the City Bridge Trust, said: “Plastic pollution in our waterways and oceans is an issue which affects the whole world, but one which all of us can take steps in our day-to-day life to tackle.

“The BinForGreenSeas is a really striking and innovative way of not only collecting plastic waste that might otherwise end up in the water, but also of raising awareness of this issue.”

Councillor Rachel Bentley said, “We are delighted that Bankside will host London’s third BinForGreenSeas. This iconic location attracts millions of visitors from all over the world who will take home the message of stopping marine plastic pollution. I’m so pleased to have been able to support the GreenSeas Trust in their vital environmental work in Southwark and beyond.”


Picture captions:


From left: Paul Martinelli (City Bridge Trust deputy chairman) and Fazilette Khan, Founder Trustee of GreenSeas Trust

Councillor Rachel Bentley and Paul Martinelli


From left: Irina Von Wiese (Southwark Council member for Borough & Bankside), Rachel Bentley (Southwark Council member for North Bermondsey), Paul Martinelli (City Bridge Trust deputy chairman), David Watson (Southwark Council member for Borough & Bankside), Fazilette Khan (Green Seas Founder Trustee), Hina Bokhari (Member of the London Assembly)

Councillors and supporters of GreenSeas Trust

Councillors and supporters of GreenSeas Trust


Notes to editors

About GreenSeas Trust

GreenSeas Trust is a marine conservation charity led entirely by dedicated volunteers. The charity works to eliminate plastic from our oceans and has placed 17 eye-catching bins around the UK, helping to provide education as well as a practical solution to waste.

GreenSeas Trust was established by Fazilette Khan in memory of her mother Haida, who loved the sea with a passion. Fazilette has spent her career in the Merchant Navy as a senior sea-going officer, witnessing first hand the issues caused by marine pollution. She has received the Merchant Navy Medal for Services to the Marine Environment and the Points of Light Award from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

About City Bridge Trust

The City of London Corporation’s charity funder, City Bridge Trust, is London’s biggest independent grant giver. It awards grants of over £30 million a year to tackle disadvantage across the capital.

It has also made an extra £200 million available over five years from 2021 to 2026 to support London’s charity sector –



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