Scarborough to combat its beach litter problem with a BinForGreenSeas


The GreenSeas Trust is pleased to announce the addition of its bespoke plastic recycling bin in the Borough of Scarborough, after an influx of littering recently left the South Bay scattered in rubbish.

With lockdown restrictions across the UK easing, beaches and promenades are more popular than ever. Increase in UK’s domestic travel has also seen a surge in littering. According to the latest visitor research report available,[1]10.24 million trips were taken to the Borough of Scarborough, of which 8.8 million were day trips. Whilst there is a strong importance in maintaining tourism in the area, more must be done to ensure the cleanliness and environmental standards of Scarborough are addressed.

The BinForGreenSeas from the GreenSeas Trust is designed to help people make the connection between litter left on beaches or thrown in waterways and the harmful effect this has on marine life and human health. Each bin is both symbolic and practical in reducing plastic pollution.

“The BinForGreenSeas acts as a beacon to remind people to dispose of their litter, especially plastics, responsibly. This not only improves the aesthetics but also positively impacts on mental and physical health,” said Fazilette Khan, Founder of GreenSeas Trust.

“By 2022, we want the BinForGreenSeas placed along 16 more UK promenades. We will collaborate with local councils to ensure the BinForGreenSeas are maintained, cleaned and emptied, and the plastic waste is recycled,” she added.

Scarborough Councillor Janet Jefferson, of Castle Ward and a member of the council’s cabinet, told the local press: “We are concerned with the litter. If people are going to come they need to respect the beaches and take their rubbish away or put it in a bin.

“We also need to consider the implications for wildlife if we can’t get to the rubbish in time before the tide goes out.”

The BinForGreenSeas in Scarborough is being fully funded by a generous grant by the Garfield Weston Foundation, a family-founded charity supporting causes across the UK.


The GreenSeas Trust is a non-for-profit charity, working to educate, promote and implement environmental programmes to eliminate plastics entering the seas and coastal areas since 2003.

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[1] The Economic Impact of Tourism on Scarborough 2019



Contact for further comment or the opportunity for interviews with the GreenSeas Trust Founder, Fazilette Khan.

GreenSeas Trust was established in memory of Haida Khan who loved the sea with a passion. Fazilette Khan, her daughter, was until recently, a seafarer and feels passionately about protecting oceans and marine life within it.