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Invest in the Environment

Are you a Council?

Are you a council or local authority that spends precious revenue to clear beach and promenade litter, when it could be diverted to better causes? Then you know the problem.

Walk onto any beach or riverside walkway and it’s not unusual to see it littered with plastics, despite rubbish bins being available.

A major attributor of marine plastics is careless littering.

In the UK, 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used annually. Each day, 700,000 are littered.

The BinForGreenSeas is a visual cue. It shows the connection between littering and the effect this has on our oceans, marine life and our health.

The tagline ‘Throw Marine Life a Lifeline’ is there to act as a catalyst, to associate using any rubbish bin with preserving marine life.

Essential facts:

The bin is nearly 1.5 metres in height and width.

It can house a 140-240 litre wheelie bin inside for waste removal and recycling.

Benefits include:

A reduction in council costs for beach rubbish clearance.

An aesthetically improved riverside/shoreline.

Achieving your environmental targets.

Find out about the costs involved and the tailor-made solutions we can provide, to help place a BinForGreenSeas on your promenade.

Sponsor a Bin

Employees want to be part of a company that supports the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Revenue. They want to play a part in giving something back. We can help.

There are several councils on board who want a BinForGreenSeas but have limited financial resources. Help to match fund a bin or sponsor one, in full.

Let stopping litter be your CSR objective for 2020.

Contact us for a bespoke package.