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The BinForGreenSeas combats beach litter

Each, BinForGreenSeas on average collects 60kg of plastics per month. This equates to stopping 720kg per year or 57,000 PET bottles of 0.5L size not entering the sea and turning into microplastics.

Essential facts about the bin:

The bin is nearly 1.5 metres in height and width. It can house a 140-240 litre wheelie bin inside for waste removal and recycling.

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This is what Canary Wharf have to say:

Canary Wharf has worked closely with GreenSeas Trust since June. We have recovered on

average, over 60kgs per month of PET bottles from going to WTE (Waste to Energy). Instead, we are sending them down our recycling stream to be recycled.

David Brown

General Services Operation Manager, Canary Wharf Management

This is what Portishead Town Council have to say:

The BinForGreenSeas is a great asset and attraction on the Portishead Marina. In the first 3 months since its installation, the bin has collected approximately 8600 litres of waste. It is making a great contribution in preventing plastics and other litter from getting into the sea as well as helping to keep a popular area with a large footfall, cleaner and tidier

Paul Gardner

Vice-Chair, Portishead Town Council.

This is what Swale Council have to say:

Swale Borough Council have been pleased to host three GreenSeas Trust plastic recycling bins at Sheerness, Minster Leas and Leysdown bathing beaches for the past year. All 3 bins are really well used and they really compliment Swale’s commitment to improving the environment. The positive visual images they display, helps to encourage visitors to the beach to dispose of their litter responsibly.

Ian Arnell

Seafront Officer, Swale Borough Council

Are you a council struggling with beach litter?

In the UK, coastal councils and local authorities spend precious revenue to litter pick garbage from beaches and promenades, when it could be utilised on essential services elsewhere.

Each year, around £1bn of taxpayers money is spent on cleaning up litter.

The BinForGreenSeas is a solution based approach that saves councils money preserving the aesthetics of beaches and their surrounds.


We pursue grants on behalf of councils. This enables us to secure some/all the funding needed to provide a BinForGreenSeas.

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This is what Scarborough Borough Council have to say:

Since the installation of the BinForGreenSeas on Scarborough South Bay, the beach has been noticeably cleaner in the immediate area around the bin, reducing the need for our street cleansing resource. We are looking at ways of expanding the service to all entrances to the beach. We’ve emptied the bin nearly 100 times and collected nearly over half a tonne of waste which could otherwise have been left on the beach.

Harry J Briggs

Environmental Enforcement and Contracts Manager, Scarborough Borough Council

This is what Arun Council have to say:

We are proud to partner with GreenSeas Trust in their mission to clean the oceans of plastic waste. The bin is eye catching with a strong environmental message and is a good talking point along the seafront for residents and holiday makers. Importantly we consistently get high quality recyclables picked up and the bin has proven to be well designed from an operational point of view being both robust and easy to empty.

Daniel Cox

Cleansing Operations Manager, Arun Council

Sponsor a BinForGreenSeas

Employees want to be part of a company that supports the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Revenue. They want to play a part in giving something back.

We can help.

There are several councils on board who want a BinForGreenSeas but have limited financial resources. Help to match-fund a bin or sponsor one, in full. Let stopping marine plastics be your ESG objective.

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