Blackpool Council Joins the GreenSeas Mission

Blackpool Council Joins the GreenSeas Mission

We are thrilled to be partnering with Blackpool Council on the BinForGreenSeas Project. Blackpool is one of the UK’s biggest beach towns and collaborating with its council is a very exciting opportunity for us. So next time you’re in Blackpool, take a moment out from visiting the tower and the pleasure beach to see if you can spot one of our bins! They will be strategically placed in Blackpool’s coastal areas, helping encourage people to dispose of their waste responsibly.

More about Blackpool

Blackpool is known for its Golden Mile, and it has a total of three piers. As the UK’s most popular seaside destination, it boasted an average of 8.6 million day visitors each in 2016.  Of course, more visitors mean more waste getting onto beaches and into oceans. We’re sure that by working together, we can make a huge difference.

Want to know more about joining our mission?

If you think your local council should come on board, write to them and tell them! Point them in the direction of our website, or prompt them to get in touch so they can find out more about us. Email us at