BinForGreenSeas to Launch on World Environment Day!

GreenSeas Trust will be unveiling of the first BinForGreenSeas on Blackpool promenade! The launch will take place at 2pm on Wednesday 5th June, in celebration of World Environment Day.

The bin was designed by Emily Hodgkinson and George Davis, students from the University of East London, who were horrified by the amount of litter in coastal areas despite the presence of litter bins. Lack of awareness about the dangers litter poses to marine life was determined to be the main cause, so the BinForGreenSeas was created to specifically to address this issue.

Since one of the biggest problems facing marine life today is the improper disposal of plastics, the BinForGreenSeas has been made from approximately 450 recycled plastic bottles and bears the tagline “Throw Marine Life A Lifeline.” The bin features a colourful nautical-themed design and, at 1.5 metres tall, it is clearly visible! Our aim is to encourage people to dispose of litter responsibly when visiting the beach and to raise awareness of the impact of litter on our oceans.

The litter collected in the BinForGreenSeas will be recycled in accordance with the local authority practices to further reduce its impact on the environment.

The BinForGreenSeas on Blackpool promenade will be the very first of many that will appear in coastal regions across the country and will have a positive effect on the marine environment as well as highlighting the need to keep litter out of the sea.

Come along to Blackpool promenade this summer to support GreenSeas Trust and celebrate this amazing step forward in marine conservation!