Achievements: “Litter kills Marine Life” campaign

Clean, Green and Serene is the new catch phrase of Tobago and rightly so too, when one compares this tiny gem to other islands of the Caribbean, like St Lucia and Antigua.

The GreenSeas campaign is a unique initiative as Tobago has previously never benefited from a co-ordinated and sustained level of garbage disposal from its public beaches, having instead relied only on the sporadic service of cleaning gangs. As a result much of the litter left on the beaches is swept into the sea or remains caught in the rocks and crevices and coves along the coast. The impact of this pollution is not simply in aesthetic terms; it is also causing the demise of both coral and marine life.

To ensure that the garbage removal from the beaches is on a sustained level, GreenSeas Trust managed to obtain permission from the Public Health and the Environment Office of Tobago for the placement of oil drums, which were modified to facilitate easy lifting. In return, the Department of Public Health has pledged the bins will be emptied by its sanitation workforce on a regular and scheduled basis.

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