Blog #6: January

Blog #6: January

Meet the team that makes it happen!

Let us introduce our volunteers

We couldn’t achieve everything that we do without our amazing volunteers, who work tirelessly to help us. In this blog, it is our pleasure to introduce you to them – they have been telling us a little bit about why they chose to volunteer for GreenSeas Trust and what it is they love about being a part of our community.

Running a charity is no easy matter, and it takes the contribution, skills and hard work of many people. Our volunteers help us to update the website, write our blogs and news stories, craft our social media posts, apply for grants, write our newsletters, set strategies, make videos, carry out research, come up with new ideas… and so much more! It’s a real team effort and we love having such a dynamic group of people around us who are passionate about our mission to save the ocean.

Miranda Willis

I volunteer for GreenSeas Trust because I believe that charity starts at home so I want to help protect UK seas. Every attitude that is changed as a result of GreenSeas’ work has an impact on the planet. It’s heartening to be part of a group that has a common concern and belief that we can change. Maybe in years to come, volunteering for environmental causes will be as popular as going to the cinema! Then we’ll be unstoppable.

Connie Burdge

I wanted to volunteer for GreenSeas because protecting the environment has always been a passion of mine and I thought I could make a difference with my previous experience in social media marketing. What attracted me to GreenSeas in particular was the story behind the organisation; it was created in memory of Haida Khan, who loved the sea and nature and would not want to see it destroyed. This, coupled with Faz’s passion and drive, was compelling, and I knew I wanted to help GreenSeas achieve their goal of removing harmful plastic from our seas and oceans.

Arshingul Akylbekova

My name is Arshingul and I was born in a landlocked country far away from the UK. I have always been obsessed with the sea, from painting mermaids to collecting seashells to dreaming of living somewhere on the coast. I volunteer with the GreenSeas Trust because it shares my passion for the sea and because it operates ethically and honestly across the board, treating donors and volunteers alike.

Laura Wagg

I work as a copywriter, so I wanted to use my skills to do something useful and write content for a charity. I really identify with the idea of instigating behavioural change; it’s so easy to get bogged down in all the terrible things going on, and to think we can’t make a difference. GreenSeas Trust engage people in caring for the ocean, changing attitudes and behaviour to create a passionate, engaged community who want to work together and look after our planet. I love being a part of this community and look forward to seeing what 2019 brings!

Lydia Rogers

Alongside studying marine biology, I wanted to spend my spare time doing something useful. Being a research volunteer for GreenSeas Trust has been really inspiring to me and helpful with the career I want to go into. The team are very helpful and are grateful for any volunteering time you give.

Martina Ragno

I’ve always been aware of the danger posed by plastic and other non-recyclable materials, and I find it particularly unacceptable to see garbage left on beaches and in natural environments. I came across GreenSeas Trust and decided to contact them, and it has been a pleasure to be able to collaborate. I have gained a good insight into how charities operate, and it is great to see that there are many other human beings who believe in the same cause: people need to see what they are doing, not only to the environment, but to themselves!

Alice Potter

My name’s Alice, I’m a recent graduate of Environmental Science and a volunteer researcher for GreenSeas. I am particularly interested in the plastic issue and how it’s impacting our oceans, so this role allows me to contribute to a great organisation that work to protect our beautiful planet, and I am learning more about the practical ways we can do that.

Pippa Davies 

I chose to volunteer with GreenSeas Trust and help run their social media because I’m passionate about protecting the natural environment and encouraging others to do the same! Even though we have come a long way in changing public consciousness around plastic waste, recycling and marine pollution, there is still a long way to go and I wanted to help GreenSeas Trust continue their valuable work through utilising my social media and communications experience.

Help us achieve our mission!

Is your New Year’s resolution to do something wonderful, help the planet, perhaps by using less plastic or changing your habits? Why not come on board and volunteer with us?! We are always looking for passionate and enthusiastic volunteers who can bring a new skill to the team.

If you can’t make the time commitment, then donating to us is just as helpful. Every penny you donate will go towards our projects, helping to propel them forward so we can do even more valuable work.

Did you know… you can add GreenSeas Trust to your eBay account! Help raise money and spread the word whilst shopping online. Alternatively, press donate and do something amazing for the planet. We have already raised 63% of our target – just think, you donation could be the one that gets us up to 100%.